Addicting Games

When asked about their opinions regarding addicting games, parents say that they have only negative effects on their children. Yet, the addicting games thought to be harmful have a lot of benefits for anyone playing them. From online games to console video games to board games, there is a lot to be gained from this addiction. If you are thinking that spending hours and hours on the computer playing games is useless, think again. Here are the good effects of playing addicting games.

Enhances the Mental Level and Related Skills

Though the strain on the eyes is obvious when playing addicting games, they are highly beneficial for mental development. You can think of it as an exercise for the brain. The games arent designed to be easy and require the players to think out of the box and use their minds. Ironically, these skills are missing from the curriculum taught at schools. Here is something a child can learn from addicting games that wont be taught elsewhere. The mental skills for following instructions, applying logic, solving problems and improving motor skills are all a result of the hours spent playing video games. Even surgeons are directed to play addicting games to improve their hand eye coordination.

Just imagine: you are the character in the game that has to chase a target and then shoot it while avoiding the obstacles in the way. This requires you to be highly alert and use your mind at every moment. The speed, aim and movements have to be coordinated perfectly to kill the target or else the game is over. This is how addicting games can enhance the mental faculties of any person, regardless of age.

Real Life Simulation

There are so many addicting games that require you to play a role. As a result, you get to learn everything about that person. To quote an example, it is said that pilots of this age are better than that of the previous generation. The reason: todays pilots are brought up on addicting games where they have to simulate a real life flight. They are trained to use their hands and eyes simultaneously while using small-sized control buttons and consoles.

Management Skills

The addicting games teach people how to manage resources better. There is a limited amount of energy and material provided in the game which the player has to utilize to win the game. Subconsciously, the players management skills are being enhanced a great deal. These skills can prove to be of great use in real life. Role playing addicting games such as those where you have to manage a facility are ideal for developing management skills.

Quick Thinking and Decision Making

Addicting games require players to make decisions on their feet. They have to be quick thinking and make fast decisions or else the game will be lost. In some games, this has to be done every second. Pokemon GO Accounts in which decisions are made in battles or action can be translated to real life situations as well. People of many vocations can be trained by the use of such addicting games.

Observation and Memory
Often, addicting games have hidden clues which the player has to find to go further in the game. He has to be observant, which helps his observation tremendously. Moreover, such addicting games also help in improving the memory considerably. Players nearing the end of the game have to remember what they did in the previous rounds.


Multitasking is a skill very relevant to this day and age. People are expected to be able to carry out a number of tasks simultaneously without blinking an eye. Strategy addicting games help players hone their multitasking skills because they have to be prepared and think about multiple things at the same time.


The trend of using addicting games for education has long been around. Cool math games and other such games help children learn about subjects which they may find hard to learn through any other method.
These are some of the good effects that addicting games have on people. Many critics often ignore this aspect of addicting games and only air their point of view. Yet, playing video games can be advantageous to people of all ages.