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If you have any specific questions about Phen24, then this is just the article you were looking for. It is packed full of interesting questions that we have found to be of most interest to people considering the use of Phen24 and we hope that you will find questions to answers that you might have concerning this weight loss pill as well. If not, make sure to visit us again as we will probably be including more FAQ articles here to cover for all the questions that we encounter.

Question 1: Does Phen24 contain any Phentermine?

Answer 1: No, it does not. It only borrows part of the name and it does not contain Phentermine as this drug has been withdrawn from the market due to certain safety concerns. It would be more than irresponsible to include this drug in the product and it would make this product not a natural product as Phentermine is a pharmaceutical drug.

phen24.info : Will I experience any side effects from taking Phen24?

Answer 2: You should not. It was important to come up with a formula that will be as unlikely as possible to cause any side effects. There are certain people who have experienced certain feeling of being flushed, but this has to do with capsaicin raising their core temperature in order to burn more fats. In case you are more sensitive to such changes, you might experience this as well. Other than that, Phen24 does not produce any side effects whatsoever.

Question 3: Can I use Phen24 if I am taking certain medications?

Answer 3: It would be more than irresponsible of us to tell you with absolutely certainty that you can. The truth is that it is not supposed to interact with other medications, but as there are so many various medications out there, no one can be absolutely certain that it will not interact with some of them. We advise you to talk to your physician before you start using Phen24 in case you are already taking certain medications.