Leasing A Car – Advice From An Auto Expert

Trends in car leasing follow the same track as trends for brand and model preference in vehicle sales. The reason behind this is that models that are the most popular in terms of leasing are generally popular because they are cost effective; in other words, you get a good deal for your money. Models of cars that are popular in terms of sales have high demand; this means that they hold their value better than other models with lower demand. This, in turn, means that leasing companies are able to resell the vehicles easily once a leasing contract has expired. If a vehicle is easy to resell, and it holds its value well, then monthly leasing costs will be low as the lessee will not have to pay so much in depreciation, and therefore the model will be more popular with consumers.

Detailed below are some of the more popular models in America.

impala car covers is one of the most recognizable and popular models of all time; gaining a cult following with car enthusiasts across the globe. It is no surprise that the same model is extremely popular with lessor and lessees alike, demanding a relatively low retail price and improved abilities compared to rivals in its class, plus also the benefit of low depreciation.

Honda Accord – The most recent incarnation of Hondas Accord has been continuously in the top ten leased vehicles in the U.S since its first release. Being Hondas flagship luxury model, the Accord boasts high safety levels, high performance and efficiency figures and advanced technology that rivals the best there is in its class.

MINI Cooper – The Mini has always been a popular model since its release over 50 years ago. In 1995 the brand name and designs were purchased by BMW and in 2001 a new model was introduced, becoming an instant hit with buyers and lessees alike. The redesign brought the Mini up to date, retaining many of the things that made the first Mini popular in the 1960s and became a fashion icon all over the world.

BMW 3 Series – The first incarnation of BMWs 3 Series was released in 1971 in the form of the E21. Since then it has remained high in popularity in terms of sales, all over the world. The latest model, the E90, was named the What Car? Car of the Year 2006 and Japans Import Car of the Year 2005-6. The 3 Series has remained a popular choice of model with lessees because of its low depreciation, relatively good fuel efficiency and technologically advanced computing systems; plus, some would say more importantly, its superior brand image compared to the competition.